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Why a Wedding Album?

November 10, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Have you ever wondered why couples who plan to get married hire a wedding photographer,  yet question whether they need a wedding album or if a CD of photos is good enough?

There should be no doubt, that every couple needs a wedding album to remember the most precious day of their married life, regardless of the digital age.

One of my good friends, unfortunately, made a decision to not include a wedding album in their photography package.  She thought that having their wedding photos on a disk would be enough to hold their wedding memories.  Until the time when her grandmother passed away and she helped her mom organize her grandma’s house for sale.  My friend stumbled upon her grandmother’s wooden trunk of old items that brought back fond memories of her grandfather, her mom, aunts and uncles when they were little.  In the trunk, she saw pictures of her great grandparents, her grandma’s wedding gown and her grandparent’s wedding album, still intact outside the signs of brownish tinted edges on each wedding album page.  She flipped through them in awe and on the last page it read, “To my dearest children, may this album symbolize the story of how our love began and how it grew in each passing year. Please take good care of it as we have done so through many years.

I ‘ll never forget that day when my friend called me and asked if we could make her a wedding album.  Without a second wasted…Chad and I made a wedding album farthest from her wildest dreams.  That year, she and her husband celebrated their 10th year wedding anniversary… can you take a guess what present she gave to her husband?

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