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Who Wouldn’t Want a Wedding Album?

July 31, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Last Sunday, Chad and I attended my friend’s wedding.  It was lovely and intimate.

While waiting for the wedding ceremony to start, I noticed another couple who had just gotten married taking photos with their photographer (and an assistant shooter) by the church’s garden. Because we have an online wedding album business, my first instinct is to wonder if the bride and groom hired the photographer and included a wedding album with their photography package. I told Chad that I wanted to talk to the assistant shooter and ask him out of curiosity. Of course, he didn’t stop me at all.

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I was bummed out when the assistant told me that the couple opted for a “disc only” package from their photographer. I said to Chad, “Who wouldn’t want a wedding album?” I mean, honestly, not because we’re in this business but seriously, why would any couples decide not to have a wedding album and instead choose to have their images stored in a disc or a flashdrive? I wish I could fast forward time to the day one of their children asks to see their  wedding album.

I told Chad that I’d like to gift them a wedding album. Chad just smiled and said, “I know you’re on a mission so go!”  I went back to their assistant and gave my business card and said, “Please tell the bride and groom that my husband and I would like to gift them a wedding album. And, in turn if they like how the album looked, to show it to their family and friends and to “like” us on Facebook.

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My hope is for the couple to understand how important it is to capture one of the best moments of their lives, not just in digital images, but for the photos to be displayed in a beautiful wedding album.

I’ll let you know what happens on my next Yours Truly, Zoe blog!

Yours Truly,


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