Which photo should make it to the album cover?

July 27, 2015

You are probably looking at tons of photos from your wedding and having a hard time deciding which one will make the perfect wedding album cover. Especially if you have chosen our Photo Cover Style (Click here to check out our three album covers), the selected photo has to be the best.

Our talented designers are always available to help you! However, we’d like to give you a few tips on which photos are the best choices for the cover.

Here is our Top 5 wedding album cover favorites.

1. Post wedding ceremony shoot

Minutes after the wedding has ended and before you join family and friends at the reception, your photographer and your wedding planner will whisk you away for a romantic photoshoot with your new spouce. Since the photographer has more of an opportunity to be creative and with the bride and the groom still in euphoria after a beautiful wedding ceremony, you can usually find the best wedding images here.

Post Wedding Ceremony Shoot  Photo reference

2. Church door photos 

It’s your first few minutes together as husband and wife, your loved ones are there, and they are beaming with excitement for a promising and happy life for the both of you. Imagine confetti and flowers being thrown in the air as you and your husband run out through the church doors. This makes church door photos album cover worthy.

Church Door ShotsPhoto reference 

3. The Kiss! 

After you’ve exchanged “I Do’s” or while walking down the aisle on your way out, your photographer can catch a great shot of a super romantic kiss! The tip is to hire a very talented photographer! Choose this photo and your friends will immediately feel the romance even before they start flipping the pages of your wedding book!

Kiss    Photo reference 

4. The Wedding Dance 

Your favorite music is on, the fireworks are lit, and the wedding dance is exactly the “magic” that brides are looking for on their wedding day. It’s like a fairy tale and everyone loves that!

Wedding DancePhoto reference 

5. Symbols of love 

Another popular idea is to use photos of your wedding cake or invitation as the album cover photo. Although the most popular is – of course- the wedding ring. Everyone loves a dramatic start.

RingPhoto reference 

If you’re still undecided, we are more than happy to help! (More details of Yours Truly Album Designs after the link).

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