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What Will the New Year Bring to Yours Truly?

January 15, 2016
New Year

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

2015 for Yours Truly was a whirlwind! Whew! We celebrated our company’s 1st Year Anniversary in November. We hit most of our goals that we committed to accomplishing. However, just like with any business owners, we tend to look back on what we could’ve done better.

Our internet marketing efforts started strong. We were very active in social media as well as ensuring that we optimized our site for search engines so we “exist” in the internet world. Our monthly promotions were consistent generating a lot of interests on our albums.

Parent Albums 6

So what will the new year bring to Yours Truly? We’re still in quest for the best way to reach to couples who have their wedding images but no wedding albums. How I wish I have the magic wand to share to all “album-less” couples how wonderful (and important) it is to have one. I know it is difficult to get through the younger generation couples whose world is surrounded by “instant gratification” due to digital images snapped on their smart phones or professional photographers hired to post their images on photo hosting sites. The emotional value wedding albums bring is something I can’t describe.

If you have any suggestions on how we can demonstrate the value of documenting unforgettable memories through wedding albums, I’m all ears!

The “album-less “couples have yet to realize this…will you please help me?

Yours Truly,


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