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Weekend Thoughts – Random Acts of Kindness

April 18, 2015
Blog Image - Random Acts Of Kindness

It’s nice to do something nice or good to people through some random acts of kindness.

This weekend, try to do a heart-felt gesture of generosity or thoughtfulness to others.  Here are some ideas:

  • Give a Care Package to a homeless
  • Anonymously pay for someone’s dinner
  • Leave an envelope with cash to an underprivileged family
  • Leave a generous tip to a wait staff
  • Visit a Veterans’ Hospital and bring them treats as a sign of gratitude

Share with me what you did this weekend and how it made you feel.

While your thinking of a good deed, I’d like to share some of the best photos of random acts of kindness I’ve seen all over the internet.  I hope these will all inspire you. 🙂

A rainstorm popped up, but this kind of neighbor made sure this car didn’t get soaked.

Kindness - 1

 This man spends his lunch reading to a coworker who can’t read.

Kindness 2

This man teaches the love of his life how to read again after she had a stroke.

Kindness 3

A police offer bought food for 20 people after finding out that the Day Center was closed.

Kindness 4

This 82 year- old barber brings clippers to the park to give people a free shave.

Kindness 5

Rugby player Brian O’ Driscoll visited his biggest fan in the hospital.

Kindness 6

These are six of the most powerful images in the world. Take care of your own inspiring memories!

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