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Wedding in the Heart of New Orleans

October 7, 2015
Amy & Gary

For our 7th year Anniversary, Chad and I traveled to New Orleans, a tradition we anticipate each year. At our hotel we came across a wedding that was unbelievably breathtaking.

Although I felt like a stalker, I asked Chad if we could follow the bridal party and watch the photographers take photos, capturing the bride and groom’s special moments.

The wedding had a very local theme, not one of the “barn” or “farm” themes that became so popular in today’s weddings.

Blog- New Orleans Wedding 2

The couple embraced all facets of the traditional Southern wedding from New Orleans; like the second line parades and Mardi Gras Indians, but also balanced it with a romantic setting for the cocktail hours.

The wedding had gorgeous table settings that showed the richness of traditions in the south and also set out delicious food and beverages. Gosh…I wish we were one of the guests! 🙂

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