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Top Reasons in getting a Professional Wedding Album

September 20, 2016

Photographers don’t usually include a Wedding Album in their offers. It might be because most Brides think that a Wedding Album is not cheap and that will surely take a big chunk of their budget. It is also common to hear the couples say that it takes time going through hundreds upon hundreds of photos and select just a few to include in the album. Well, YT got you covered, and more.

We all know that getting married is an expensive event, you can read more about that here. It is just fair for you, the Bride, who spent a lot of time, money and energy planning out a beautiful day, to have a custom wedding album where you can display the images as beautifully as possible.


For the tons of images new couples are very much concerned, YT’s design team will automatically select the initial images for you to be included in the album. The selections will include a portrait that would go best in the covers and photos from getting ready to reception.

You do have the option to change, swap, replace and even edit out the images that you want making your wedding album a more personal keepsake.

The binding of the album will also scream of professionalism. YT’s premium albums have high-end leather binding that will present your photos with a first class level that it deserves.

Lastly, having a custom album for your wedding is keeping the traditions alive. YT’s wedding albums are made with archival photo paper that will last for generations. There will be nothing more special than passing down a wedding album through the generations to come.

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