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A Thousand and One Questions

December 12, 2014
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I have a confession to make.

Before I married Chad, I was once engaged to another guy.  I broke off the engagement three months before our wedding date.  As sad as it was, I knew we weren’t mean to be.  And yes, ladies…I returned the engagement ring.  My ex-fiance didn’t want it back.  Instead, I overnighted the ring to his mom’s house!

I learned a lot from my past engagement.   Because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes nor do I ever want to get hurt again, I was extra cautious.  With Chad, I inundated him with a thousand and one questions: from my thoughtless queries to my most thought provoking interrogations. Although we were colleagues and friends…I never knew him as a Prince in my “Cinderella Story”.

The “thousand and one” questions opened our minds and hearts uninhibitedly.  In our marriage, we committed to remain honest about our emotions whether good or bad – they have to be expressed. They can’t be left unsaid.  We also promised that with our honesty, we would never be offended by anything the other person said.

My marriage couldn’t be any more fulfilling.  Chad and I are an “open book” in terms of what we share with each other. We encourage expressing our disappointments or frustrations with one another.  Although that seldom happens, Chad knows when I’m a little distant and my mind is consumed with other things.  He will ask if I want to talk and will wait patiently until I’m ready.  And, when I’m ready… he listens.  Then it’s his turn to ask a “thousand and one questions” until my sentiments are off my chest.

So Yours Truly Readers, take your time to ask questions and get to know each other deeply.  It’s ok to ask many until you’re satisfied.  After 6 year of marriage, whenever Chad hears me say, “Babe…I have a question?” (as I tilt my head to the right) – he displays this smirk on this face as he knows that this “phrase” will result in not just one question…but, a thousand more!

Yours Truly,


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