The “Tweeter of Honor”

February 6, 2016
The Tweeter of Honor

It is the most important day of your life and you don’t wanna be distracted. Words from the wise, forget about your phone.

While we are positive that your boss won’t be bugging you with emails on your special day, your Twitter feed might be getting notifications off the hook. Maybe from friends and loved ones who could not make it to the venue and would want to send their wedding greetings via social media. Or from those in the venue who are excited to upload photos about your dream wedding, tagging you of course.

Tweeter of Honor 2

So how can you not miss anything at your wedding while updating everyone on social media?

Simple – assign a “Tweeter of Honor”. It is the best way to enjoy your day and stay off your phone while still keeping everyone updated.

Tweeter of Honor 3

You can choose from one of your bridesmaids or one of your very techie wedding guests. It would also be best to think of a unique hash tag, tell everyone about it so it would be easier for your “Tweeter of Honor” to track the tweets and re-tweet. 🙂

May you find the most worthy “Tweeter of Honor”. 🙂

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