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3 Yours Truly Cover Styles To Choose From

November 2, 2015
Photo Album

We believe that first impressions last so Yours Truly has introduced three album cover styles you can choose from: Photo cover, photo inset and the You-nique cover style.

The Photo Cover 

Photo Cover 1

Basing on orders, brides’ seems to favor the Photo Cover. There are five styles available which include different layouts and fonts that we will professionally design. Pricing includes black imitation leather with options to upgrade to genuine leather, and an acrylic cover.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Who Wouldn’t Want a Wedding Album?

July 31, 2015
Blog - Who Wouldnt Want 3

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Last Sunday, Chad and I attended my friend’s wedding.  It was lovely and intimate.

While waiting for the wedding ceremony to start, I noticed another couple who had just gotten married taking photos with their photographer (and an assistant shooter) by the church’s garden. Because we have an online wedding album business, my first instinct is to wonder if the bride and groom hired the photographer and included a wedding album with their photography package. I told Chad that I wanted to talk to the assistant shooter and ask him out of curiosity. Of course, he didn’t stop me at all.

Blog - Who Wouldnt Want  1

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Zoe's Thoughts

Wonder What Life Would Be Without Your Partner?

July 22, 2015
Joe and Marisa live in Brooklyn Heights, with amazing views of Manhattan -- so the engagement capital of NYC has personal meaning for them. 

12-image "Brenizer Method" panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4.
Ryan Brenizer Photography  Blog. Photography tips, wedding photos, events and portraits from New York City and beyond

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this question makes me sad when I think about my life without Chad.

Although there’s no telling what lies ahead of us in health, success, romance, family, and others, one can only wish that we have it all.  But, in reality, life challenges us in many ways. We just need to be prepared on how and when adversities are thrown in our lives. I truly believe that adversities make us stronger mentally and emotionally.

Take your time to ponder what life would be like without yours truly. It would be a different world for me. After I write this blog, I will quickly scribble a note to Chad and tape it on our bath room mirror so he won’t miss it.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

When to start working on your wedding album

July 6, 2015
Blog - When to Start Making a Wedding Album

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I received a direct message from one of our  Facebook page followers. She was asking about the perfect time to start her wedding album. I realized that answering this question would be a great start to an interactive new section here on our blog.

Question: When is the perfect time to start working on a wedding album?

Answer: I would say as soon as you receive your images from the photographer. I agree that the new couple should be given a chance to celebrate their first few days together uninterrupted. But as soon as you’re back from your honeymoon, and you have received your images, it would be great to start working on your wedding album right away.

A wedding album’s main purpose is to keep the memories (and the feelings) from your wedding day preserved. It’s  visual storytelling of what happened during your big day. Plus, when the events are still fresh in your memory, it’s easier to choose which photos are most important to have in your album.

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Send Your You-nique Wedding Photos By June 7, 2015!

June 1, 2015
You-nique Wedding Photo Contest 2

The race is not over yet! We would like to thank those who already sent their entries to the YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest! 🙂

The response has been overwhelming but we got excited thinking about the creative photos that the rest will still be sending. So, we are extending the contest until Sunday, June 7! All photos emailed to on or before 12 midnight will be eligible for the special prize of a professionally-designed wedding album!

When we say “special prize”, we mean it. Here are examples of the wedding albums we made for the winners of our two previous contests. You can click on the images for more photos of these two gorgeous wedding albums!

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Set In Your Own Ways

February 11, 2015
Yours Truly Wedding Album Company

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

HELP!  I need your advice!

From my blog Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution I mentioned that one of my and Chad’s goals is to find a new home outside the city (suburbs!!!) since we are seriously thinking of starting a family.

As you know, Chad and I have been married for 6 years… going on 7 in September.  I am the only one left amongst my 5 girlfriends who doesn’t have a baby.  Now…we feel that it’s the right time.

I’m unconventional and I march to the beat of my own drums.  I’m also not easily affected with what others say about “trends”, or “what’s typical” – , much less “the norm”.  I go with my own flow as long as I don’t offend or hurt the people that surround me.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Marriage Can be a Cinderella Story

November 13, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

From my previous blog post on “Zoe’s Thoughts” entitled, Destiny, I shared with you a snippet of my mom and dad’s love story.  Up to the moment when my dad took his last breath, my mom promised to marry him all over again in their next lives.

My brother and I grew up with a set of parents who are loving, respectful, supportive, understanding, and compassionate of each other.  I’m sure most of you may say that this is normal of a couple who’s in love.

But, what’s uncommon about them is their philosophy of “fighting is not normal” in a marriage because if you truly love your spouse, why argue?  But, most married couples would say that “fighting is normal”.  Not in our house.  What’s also uncommon is how they raised me and my brother that “fighting is not normal” with siblings either.  I’m sure parents will say, “sibling rivalry” is very normal.  Not in our case.

As I grow up and learned to fall in love – I had this fantasy of a relationship with a “Cinderella” story.  I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it with my parents.  I will not stop searching until I find it.  Then, 11 years ago, I met my true love, my soul, my life, Chad.  He is my Prince Charming who will save me from all of life’s troubles and be my rock, my constant as we grow older together.  I have yet to remember an instant when we argued.  To be honest, I don’t think we ever did.

Yesterday, while Chad an I were looking at our wedding album, the topic about our friend came up who’s marriage unfortunately ended, it made us realize even more how lucky we are to have each other; not only because of all the obvious reasons.  But, because in our hearts, we deeply believe that marriage is a true Cinderella story, and that every couple should live Happily Ever After.

Yours Truly,