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World Kindness Day: Kindness Makes Dream Wedding

November 11, 2015
Blog - Jennifer

We often hear that what the world needs is LOVE. And definitely, more KINDNESS.

A month after receiving a diagnosis of a rare form of breast cancer, 29-year-old Jennifer Gargano was married in a wedding made possible by the generosity of strangers.

Gargano’s husband Brian proposed on Valentine’s Day, and the couple originally planned to wed in August 2013. But after a diagnosis of angiosarcoma of the breast one month later, they decided not to wait.

Brian enlisted Elysia Skye, a wedding officiant they found on the website Yelp, to perform the ceremony. Little did they know that Skye was herself a breast cancer survivor, who took to Facebook asking everyone she knew to help donate to the big day.

Blog - Jennifer 2

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Zoe's Thoughts

It Had to be You

November 6, 2015
Blog- Barbara

Call me old fashion…yes, I LOVE Barbara Streisand! Well…Chad thinks I should have been born in the 50’s since everything about the 50’s I JUST LOVE! (Although…Barbara Streisand wasn’t exactly popular in the 50’s!).

On my flight back from visiting my mom, I listened to Barbara Streisand’s newest album “Partners” on my iTunes. There have been many renditions of these types of song styles where well-known artists sing with other well-known artists such as Frank Sinatra’s and Tony Bennett’s Duet.

I’m sure you’ve heard Tony Bennett’s “It Had to be You” but sang by Streisand and Michael Buble?

It Had to Be You

It had to be you, it had to be you
I wandered around and finally found
Somebody who could make me be true
Could make me be blue or even be glad
Just to be sad, thinking of you

Some others I’ve seen, might never mean
Might never be cross or try to be boss
But they wouldn’t do for nobody else
Gave me a thrill with all your faults I love you still
It had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be you

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Zoe's Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts – Thanksgiving Recipes

November 4, 2015
Blog Thanksgiving

Although its 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving, I need to plan for a menu of dishes that I’d like to cook for our friends and family.

I want something different than the traditional Turkey. So I thought of serving each of my guest roasted stuffed Cornish Hen glazed with infused honey balsamic marinade. Any unique ideas for side dishes? Please comment below! I need your help!

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3 Yours Truly Cover Styles To Choose From

November 2, 2015
Photo Album

We believe that first impressions last so Yours Truly has introduced three album cover styles you can choose from: Photo cover, photo inset and the You-nique cover style.

The Photo Cover 

Photo Cover 1

Basing on orders, brides’ seems to favor the Photo Cover. There are five styles available which include different layouts and fonts that we will professionally design. Pricing includes black imitation leather with options to upgrade to genuine leather, and an acrylic cover.

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Zoe's Thoughts

“Fall”-ing in Love in Chicago!

October 28, 2015
Blog- Chicago 3

Aaahhh… The best thing about November in Chicago is how the leaves have turned amber with some, still hanging in the trees, and some have fallen. The kids in our neighborhood love playing with the mounds of leaves freshly raked.

There are a lot of November wedding plans going on. At, our favorite photos are Fall Weddings when the wind is crisp and cool, and the background is a perfect photo opportunity!

Blog - Chicago Autumn 1

If you visit your website, you will notice that the background shots were taken during the Fall season. I suggest that you choose one of the great cover choices we have to match your Fall wedding.

Our album designers will create captivating designs that will highlight the beauty of your best wedding photo on the cover!

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Newly Weds

Perfect Holiday Gifts! Buy 1, Get 2 Parent Albums

October 22, 2015
Parent Album 1

You are probably wondering what parent albums are.

A parent albums is an exact replica of your wedding album. It features the same photos and layout design, so mom and dad have their own keepsake. Parent Albums are available a-la-carte or in sets, and can be ordered with your main album.

The good news is, beginning October 11th up to November 8th, and just with enough time for us to finish your albums before Christmas, Yours Truly is offering a “Buy 1, Get 2 Parent Albums” promo! If you order your wedding album within this period, we will provide 2 6×6 parent albums for FREE!

What a perfect holiday gift to your dear parents. You can also get this as a present for your kids or anyone in your family!

Meanwhile, here are some common questions about parent albums which we have provided answers on our website’s FAQ page.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Friendship and Encouragement

October 16, 2015
Blog- Friendship and Encouragement

On our (Chad) way out from a museum we toured last Sunday, we passed by its Gift Shop. While waiting for Chad to pick-out a book he wanted to buy, I browsed through the shop’s greeting cards department.

I’m sure you’ve seen gondola stands of cards for all sorts of occasions. As I spun the gondola, a card caught my attention at the “Friendship” and “Encouragement” section with a quote:

“When you cry, I’ll dry your tears. When you fall, I’ll pick you up. When you rise up, I’ll rise with you. And, if you move on, I’ll always be here for you when you need me again.”

I had chills when I read it. Now…that’s friendship. I bought the card and that night, I gave it to Chad before we went bed. I kissed him good night and whispered “I will always be here for you.”

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