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Choose Your Layout: Simplistic versus Stylized

November 16, 2015
Blog- Wedding Album

Aside from encouraging our brides to send quality photos, we will also ask you to choose the layout that best fits your personality. We have two main choices: the sophisticated Simplistic layout or the more creative Stylized layout.

Layout Simplistic

Your wedding album is uniquely designed with your love story in mind. Our designers will create a magical story board of photos to showcase your big day with either white or black backgrounds.

The Simplistic layout is included in your chosen album package. This means we can accommodate up to 4 revisions at no extra charge. Albums average 5 photos per page spread.

Layout Stylized

The Stylized design will feature graphic elements such as colored borders, unique placements, and faded overlay backgrounds to accentuate the details of your wedding.

Brides just need to add $40 to get the more creative look of the Stylized layout. This fee includes up to 4 revisions at no extra charge. Albums average 5 photos per page spread.

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Which photo should make it to the album cover?

July 27, 2015

You are probably looking at tons of photos from your wedding and having a hard time deciding which one will make the perfect wedding album cover. Especially if you have chosen our Photo Cover Style (Click here to check out our three album covers), the selected photo has to be the best.

Our talented designers are always available to help you! However, we’d like to give you a few tips on which photos are the best choices for the cover.

Here is our Top 5 wedding album cover favorites.

1. Post wedding ceremony shoot

Minutes after the wedding has ended and before you join family and friends at the reception, your photographer and your wedding planner will whisk you away for a romantic photoshoot with your new spouce. Since the photographer has more of an opportunity to be creative and with the bride and the groom still in euphoria after a beautiful wedding ceremony, you can usually find the best wedding images here.

Post Wedding Ceremony Shoot  Photo reference

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