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July 29, 2015
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My friends say that it’s easier for me and Chad to pack up our stuff and go somewhere on weekends since we don’t have little ones. I couldn’t agree more. Since we can just “pack-up our stuff and go”, we might as well take advantage on these precious times before we commit ourselves to a baby.

The great thing about our relationship is that both Chad and I are “planners” of our social events. We balance each other that way. For any upcoming weekends, I threw in an idea to Chad that I want to do something active together and not just walking or running, but going somewhere that we can do activities together.

He started his research and landed on the website, Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana! The choice is perfect and I can’t wait to go there. The best part for me is the Aerial Adventure Park, which in researching further is one of the most popular activities on their mountain…it’s an “obstacle course in the trees” !

Blog- Whitefish

We’re planning our trip to Whitefish before summer ends. I love staying active and most especially being active with Chad makes things 10 times better!

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