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Short Simple Sweet Notes Go a Long Way!

January 15, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

After three long weeks of being away from the holidays, I’m finally back at home and ready to tackle the world: both home and work (urgh!).  But the best thing about coming home is seeing Chad again.

Although technology makes it easier to be away (texting, face time, phone calls, etc.)… nothing beats a nice warm hug from your significant other.

Coming home was a treat.  It was extremely cold the night that I arrived.  I told Chad to wait for me at home and keep the house warm.  As I pulled up the garage, I saw a sign posted on the back garage wall, “Welcome Home My Sweets!”  I parked my car…and to my left was Chad waiting for me to open my car door.  He gave me the biggest kiss and hug (so tight that I could barely breathe J).

Chad’s “welcome home” sign reminded me of the many sweet notes that he leaves all over our house where I sometimes least expect to find them.  Almost each morning, since we’ve been married, he writes short messages on post-it notes by our coffee maker.  He knows my routine:  1) I kiss him and say “good morning”   2) I walk to the bathroom to tinkle   3) Head to the kitchen fridge and grab the coffee creamer   4) Then march to the coffee machine where my cup is ready for my first pour of hot coffee.  5) And the best part: I read his sweet note.

It never fails capture me.  And from the kitchen, I shout, “Thanks for my note baby!” regardless if he’s still sleeping or not.

Short, simple, sweet (and often silly) notes melt my heart.  I’ve collected many for the past 6 years.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “Thanks for cooking an amazing meal last night. I love you and will never take you for granted.”
  • “I love you so much that even if I was allergic to coffee… I will still kiss you every morning after you’ve had your first cup!”
  • “Good morning beautiful (with or without make-up)… can’t wait for another romantic getaway with you!”
  • “My dearest love, I couldn’t be any happier with you and love every minute that we’re together.”
  • “People talk about Fiji as their Paradise…paradise for me is anytime I’m with you.”
  • “Good morning foxy, beautiful, gorgeous, hotter than a super model lover! Yes…I’m crazy about you even if you think I’m biased!”
  • “Hi baby…the only thing better than spending the day and night with you would be to spend the rest of my life with you!”

I love every piece of him.  I really do.

Yours Truly,


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