Share The Love Story Entry #10 – The Ring

February 2, 2015
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Back in 2001, my maternal grandmother passed away. I was extremely sad since she was the one that always kept the family so close and upheld the traditions that always brought everyone together. It meant the world to me when I inherited the diamond in her engagement ring. I knew I wanted to use it in my engagement ring someday, both for its sentimental value and its beauty.

The diamond in the ring is a gorgeous .87 carat, hand cut and a nearly flawless stone.  My fiancé Jeff (then boyfriend) and I began looking for engagement ring settings and spent much time comparing settings and jewelers for quality. We brought the stone with us to try in a number of different settings to better see the end results.

In the end, the first one I saw was my favorite. It seemed that all the shopping we did, only fortified how much I really liked that first one. It was a beautiful cathedral setting with side stones from Deprisco’s in Boston. This setting was a perfect representation of our relationship as there are 10 side stones on each side, symbolic of the date we began dating on 10/10.  One day when I was out with my friends, Jeff picked up my mother and his to go have the diamond set into the ring.

Jeff planned a nice lunch for us on January 10th, 2009, our 15 month anniversary, and he invited our mothers to join us for a nice afternoon in Boston’s North End.  My grandmother whose ring I inherited grew up in this historic neighborhood. We were on our way to the restaurant while my mother was giving us all a tour of Hull Street and the surrounding Old North Church area. As she was giving her fascinating historic tour and walking us through her even more interesting personal recollections of the old neighborhood, we came upon my grandmother’s old home.

Yours Truly Professional Wedding AlbumsYours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Jeff stood there in her doorway. With his most charming smile and heartwarming look, he proposed to me. At first, our mothers didn’t know what exactly was happening but once the surprise of it all became reality they were both crying tears of happiness.  Jeff went on to explain that this day was special since this was our first monthly anniversary of this New Year. He further declared to me that he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and would be honored if I would marry him.

My grandmother would have been flattered to have been there to witness Jeff presenting me with her ring in front of her childhood home. Somehow, I believe it in my heart she was there in spirit. His thoughtful proposal introduced a new adventure for us, but the sentiment of it will always grace my grandparents love and adoration of each other.  We will forever be bound in love and law next year on the month of our beginning, symbolically representing our special date: 10/10!

Kindest regards,

Stephanie Frias



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