Share The love Story Entry #8 – Flowers To Forever

February 2, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

My name is Ruth and my fiancée’s name is Kelvin.  We met about five years ago.  We met on Plenty of Fish dating website. When he first sent me a instant message I was responding to someone else so I ignored him. He was persistent. Once I starting chatting with him I realized that we both grown up real close to each other in NY but never crossed paths. He even went to the same college as my sister and knew her friends.

At the time I met Kelvin my motto was will date for food and fun.  When I arrived at the door he said to me “I have flowers” and my heart melted.  It has been a while since a man made that gesture.  We went to a Caribbean restaurant and had appetizers because we were going dancing. The party was fun it was like he rented the place for just the two of us. We danced the night away and we talked for hours.  Five years later I still have the flowers he gave me and I plan to incorporate it in our wedding.

Through our love we created what doctors call a miracle baby Kelvin Jr. KJ was born at 23 weeks 1.7 pounds.  He was not expected to make it he we were told he would have special needs. Doctors were amazed as his progress and the fact that he had no major birth defects. Our faith and love kept our little guy healthy and strong.

-Ruth Jean


Yours Truly is a company built to showcase every couple’s love story by making quality wedding albums. As a way of thanking the warm welcome given by our customers, we are giving away a custom-made wedding album! Engaged, newlyweds and long-time couples were ask to share their love stories through email. The submission was from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Sixteen finalists were chosen. All 16 stories were posted here on the blog on February 1 , 2015. By February 27, we will rank the stories based on the number of visits. The most read love story shall win!

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