Share The Love Story Entry #7 – Building A Life Together

February 2, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Dear Yours Truly,

Here’s the story of how our relationship began and where it is today:

2001: We both worked for the Marriott Vacation Club here in Southern California. He (Matthew) supervised a team of people on the 1st floor whom were working to draw visitors to the properties in an effort to purchase timeshare weeks, and I (Haviland) worked on the 3rd floor of the same building with regional directors who were working on planning and building new properties. We never crossed paths for the year and a half we were in the same building together.

In 2002 the company broke ground at their new property in Newport Coast, CA and both he and I were promoted to a new position at the property. I worked for the Director of Engineering and he went to work across the property as a Marketing Manager. As he was busy hiring his new team, I was busy supporting the many different department staffs with the endless lists of needs pertaining to the new buildings.

The Human Resources department was our link. We both were in the HR office one day taking care of individual pieces of business, he in a tweed suit with an iridescent tie and “Buddy Holly” eye glasses.  I was smitten from that moment. As soon as he left I asked my HR friend and colleague who “that guy” was. Unbeknownst to me, he apparently got back to his office and called our mutual HR friend to inquire who I was! She secretly told each of us that we both had inquired about the other.

The flirting began. He sent me emails requesting many, many name badges from our department for new employees he was hiring, and I couldn’t wait to deliver them to his office when they were ready. After so many orders over the next several days, I had to question how many “new employees” he was in fact hiring. Then the orders for his own name badges began to come through. “Why do you need so many new ones for yourself?” I soon had to ask him. His responses were, “I lost mine,” “Mine broke,” or “I think it would be good to have an extra, just in case.”

We started chit-chatting, and sending friendly emails to see how the other was doing, and it wasn’t long before he finally worked up the nerve to ask me on a date for a Friday. It was January 26, 2003. He picked me up at my house, dressed handsomely in a pair of jeans and a trendy collared shirt, “Buddy Holly” glasses, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I spent the week preceding this date shopping for the perfect outfit to wear as well. He took me to Duke’s on the beach in Huntington Beach for dinner. The evening was so relaxed and comfortable, as if we had known each other for ever! He was very much a gentleman. After dinner we took a walk up and back down Main Street, continued to the end of the pier, then had a seat along the beach, talking, sharing stories, and getting to know about each other. It was so easy. Unlike any other “first” date.

Neither of us wanted the night to end, so we decided to take a drive down the coast. We ended up in Laguna Beach. We parked near the entrance down to “1000 Steps Beach,” a secluded little beach mostly known by the locals. Nobody was there; we had that little bit of coastline to ourselves. We stayed there for a long time (time was hard to track then as we were both so content) continuing conversation and learning about each other’s lives.

Of course the night did have to end (it was a first date), and he took me home. But, the rest of the story is history…..

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

We were inseparable from that day on. Not a day passed that we didn’t spend time together. A few weeks later, on Valentine’s Day, he took me on a wonderful date. We went on a dinner cruise through Newport Harbor, and during the course of the evening, we made our relationship official when I answered “yes” to his question of me: “Will you be my girlfriend?” A true gentleman, I thought. No assumptions, he had to ask. Of course I was elated that he was choosing me!

Seven years later, on July 18, 2009 we married in the most gorgeous setting in front of our closest and dearest friends and family. Every moment of that day, and the planning leading up to that day remains a very vivid memory for both of us. But unfortunately, only in our minds and in the pictures on the CD we have put away in our keepsake box. As our lives continued on, we never were able to put together a wedding album to document the most incredible day we had together yet. The photographer took amazing pictures, but an album was not included in our package.

On January 3, 2014, our daughter was born. Now a new chapter in our lives, and we continue to be writing our story with so much pride, joy, and love. Henley is the most beautiful, sweet, silly, and loving little angel girl. We are incredibly lucky to be her parents.

This Valentine’s Day will be Matthew’s and mine 12th anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. It will also be five and a half years as husband and wife, and 1 year and 1 month as Mommy and Daddy. We are still as in love now as we were then, but more so. We have had a plethora of adventures together. We moved to Wichita, Kansas (where Matthew was born and raised) for two years (2003-2005) to try our hand in real estate. We have done some traveling. We’ve had some very difficult times (financially) and more than we can count, extremely great times. Every experience we have done as a team, standing together, still inseparable. He has been my strength, my rock, my cheerleader, and the one to make me laugh and dance when I didn’t think I could.

Matthew Jennings is the love of my life. He is the best daddy in the whole world to our daughter, Henley Morri Jennings. He is incredibly attentive, hard-working, and patient. He is talented, smart, kind, generous, and caring. It would be a dream for me to give present to him the gift of a walk down memory lane in an album that captures our amazing, endless love being united on the day of our wedding!

Thank you whole-heartedly for your consideration of us.


Haviland Jennings


Yours Truly is a company built to showcase every couple’s love story by making quality wedding albums. As a way of thanking the warm welcome given by our customers, we are giving away a custom-made wedding album! Engaged, newlyweds and long-time couples were ask to share their love stories through email. The submission was from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Sixteen finalists were chosen. All 16 stories were posted here on the blog on February 1 , 2015. By February 27, we will rank the stories based on the number of visits. The most read love story shall win!

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