Share The Love Story Entry #5 – Engaged in Paris

February 2, 2015
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When it happened

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How we got engaged… in PARIS!!

Well. Let’s just say I am one lucky girl.

Kirby booked us a trip to Paris! Now at first, my friends were saying “you know, he’ s taking you to Paris, you think he’s going to propose??” At first, I was like nooooo. Then the more times I kept hearing different people say it, I finally told Kirby – “Hey! All the girls think you are going to propose!” He very quickly jumped all over that saying “You know, I knew this was going to happen. That is NOT what this trip is about. I don’t want you thinking that’s what this is.” And he went on and on and was VERY adamant that Paris was not about a proposal. I believed him. From then on, any time someone would say something to me about it, I would get angry and defensive and say “no way.” I was 100% convinced. And he did a great job convincing me.

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Day 1 in Paris:

After much walking around, I was getting tired, but Kirby insisted we go a certain way (opposite from where our hotel was). I whined and reluctantly followed him. He brings us to the “bridge of locks.” Fascinated by this, Kirby then starts telling me what this is and what it signifies. I had never heard anything about it. He says you put a lock on the bridge with someone you love, and you each throw a key in the water. This signifies the bond you have and how it will stay forever, no matter what may happen in the future. Immediately, I say “You knew all about this and you didn’t get us a lock!” I know – spoiled brat. Meanwhile, Kirby had been carrying this backpack around for 2 days, and I had no idea why. He then got on his knees and said “hang on – I have a surprise for you.” I was so excited. He pulled out an old wine cellar lock he ordered for us, and on it he engraved our names. We put the lock on the bridge, threw our keys in the water, and we left. I thought that was the most romantic thing ever. Come to find out he was going to propose to me right there, but he chickened out since there was so many people around! And to his credit… the bridge was packed.

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Day 2 in Paris:

We had a lovely day walking around and found a huge “farmer’s market.” We had an amazing lunch, bought a couple bottles of French wine from a street vendor, and went back to the hotel. We had plans that night to have dinner at the Eiffel Tower, take a Sienne River Cruise, and see the Moulin Rouge show. We are in the hotel room, Kirby is pouring us glasses of wine, and I’m lying on the bed playing with his Ipad and taking pictures. He gets down on his knees and starts going through his backpack at the foot of the bed – I pay no attention. He says to me “Hey babe, come here for a sec.” I say “No, you come here, I’m comfortable.” Yup – brat moment #2. We go back and forth a couple times and I finally say okayyyy. He tells me he has another surprise for me. I get all excited and start asking what? what?? He said it goes with the lock. I’m confused. He then pulls out this box. I stop breathing. He opens it and says “will you do me the honor of being my wife?” Tears start rolling down my face. I’m freaking out. Poor Kirby is waiting for me to say YES and I’m too shocked to do anything but laugh and cry at the same time…. hahahaha! He is looking at me with that “wellllll….?” look, and I say “oh! yes… of course!!” We then went to a cafe, got two extremely expensive glasses of champagne, and enjoyed our amazing night out in the town of Paris…. as a newly engaged couple! We were probably making everyone puke around us, but I didn’t care… it was just him and I… in our own little world…. and it was pure awesomeness.

-Gina Ingram



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