Share The Love Story Entry #12 – Becca and Dakota

February 2, 2015
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Here’s our love story and how he popped the question twice.

Dakota was born in February. Six months and 25 days before that Becca was born in the same town. Little did Becca know that 22 years and a few days after she was born, she would marry Dakota in front of family and friends.

As kids, Dakota and Becca knew of each other, but were too shy to be friends. Dakota had a huge crush on Becca and was devastated when she moved 1000 miles away. Unfortunately that would have been the end of the story, if not for Facebook.

As Becca remembers it January 2011: Dakota friended me first, but I had to ask my mom who he was because I didn’t remember his name. I friended him and thought he was pretty cute. I sent him a hello message, but he never responded, so I gave up on him. As Dakota remembers it May 2011: I saw Becca had messaged me and I was so freakin’ excited. I messaged her back and then we started texting on my phone. And we haven’t stopped talking since.

Dakota and I talked so much that we started long-distance dating. Our first date was watching a movie in the virtual theater on the Xbox. Shortly after we talked about getting married, but neither of us made a move, until Dakota moved 1000 miles to be with me. He reminds me of this all the time.

Jan. 14, 2013 we went out to a late lunch at Rubio’s, a fresh Mexican grill. We sat under a leafy umbrella table in an empty restaurant and flirted while waiting for our food. Then Dakota said “I really want to marry you.” I stared at him with a curious expression wondering if it was a proposal or just a comment like we had talked before. Then he asked, “Will you marry me?” I was so excited and said yes.

Our food arrived and we talked about fish and lobster babies (don’t ask, we’re weird). Dakota didn’t give me a ring at the restaurant. Later, he said that he had “nothing in hand but trust”. Then he proposed again.

In August, I celebrated my birthday with family. After dinner, my sister and I stood at the kitchen counter as our family went to the living room. I heard Dakota call out to me, so I turned around and found him on one knee with a ring in his hand. I squealed and my sister turned around. She yelled too and called the rest of the family in. They were like “What! Twice you propose when we aren’t around?!?” I will give him credit though because he got help from my whole family before buying the ring. It is a one-of-a-kind ring from the Renaissance Festival with Alexandrite and Aquamarine stones.

It was a perfect surprise and I am so happy.

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-Rebecca Dickinson



Yours Truly is a company built to showcase every couple’s love story by making quality wedding albums. As a way of thanking the warm welcome given by our customers, we are giving away a custom-made wedding album! Engaged, newlyweds and long-time couples were ask to share their love stories through email. The submission was from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Sixteen finalists were chosen. All 16 stories were posted here on the blog on February 1 , 2015. By February 27, we will rank the stories based on the number of visits. The most read love story shall win!

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