Share The Love Story #6 – Air Force Romance

February 2, 2015
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I had just gone back to work after my father passed away and was pretty heartbroken and angry. Normally I was the super happy girl that always tried to make people smile, but not that day.

I’m a registered nurse and I was working in an Emergency Department of an inner city hospital. I was working in triage that day where patients check in to be seen. I was sitting there waiting for my next patient and remembered sitting in church during the funeral sobbing about who was going to ensure I found a good guy and walk me down the aisle.  I was so angry because I had wasted the last 5 years in a relationship that was not progressing and my dad was not a huge fan of my ex. Washington DC is great, but the dating scene is pretty cut throat. I really didn’t enjoy all the effort that had to go into finding that perfect someone.

I called the name of my next patient and to my surprise he answered with a sweet smile and greeted me with the most genuine “hello” I had ever heard.  I sat my patient down and asked him to remove his suit jacket so I could place a blood pressure cuff on his arm and take his vital signs.  I blushed as I noticed how well dressed he was compared to me in scrubs.  He was so engaging and sincerely interested in having a conversation with me.  As part of my triage, I had asked him if his tetanus shot was up-to-date, and he mentioned that “he just got out of the military, so it should be.”

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I was excited to hear that because I just got out of active duty Air Force myself and transitioned into the reserves.  I told him, “Me too!  What were on in?”  He said the Air Force, and again I excitedly said “Me too!”  Ironically our military histories sparked something.  We were both super excited to learn more about each other in that 3 minutes, but the pressure was on from my charge nurse to keep the assembly line of patients moving, so I had to politely ask him to wait in the waiting room for the nurse to call him back to be seen by a doctor.

As my day went on, I was elated and crushed at the same time.  Could this super cute, adorable guy that truly seemed intrigued by me be single and interested? Should I sneak out of the triage booth and then strategically place myself in his way?  By the time I got the courage to make a move, he had been discharged.  Had I just missed my opportunity for something amazing?

I struggled with the fact that my insecurities forced me to forfeit the opportunity to flirt with this guy and make a true move. I lost my chance.

Then around 5 pm, a call came through to triage and my colleague next door answered the phone.  Of course, she had heard my excitement earlier about my interaticon with this guy, so when she heard that a strange guy was waiting on the line for me she was jumping up and down…..”Katie, there’s a GUY on the phone for you!!!”  I excitedly picked up the phone and he nervously rambled on for a few moments. “Katie, this is Rob.  I came into the ER today and you triaged me.  I don’t know if you are single, or in a relationship, but I wanted to know if you would like to have dinner, or even a cup of coffee with me.

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

I just want another opportunity to talk to you again. I thought you were great. ”  I think I was stunned because all I could think to say was ,” Wow, I am impressed.”  I sat there witha ginormous smile on my face trying to maintain professionalism as I had another patient sitting in my booth.  So I followed up with,” Sir,Yes, absolutely.  But I am going to have to call you back at a later time regarding this matter.  Can I please take your number?”

I returned his call later that day on my way home from work and we talked for 2 hours.  I couldn’t wait to see this him again.  It was almost a week before we had the most romantic dinner at a place called Park Cafe. After talking for hours over wine and dinner, we sweetly smooched goodnight.  We were engaged 4 months later.

Rob and I will always feel like that chance encounter in the ER was thanks to my new guardian angel from heaven trying to find me a worthy “fella” for his daughter.  Thanks Dad, we now have a grand daughter on the way for you.

-Kathleen Lopata



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