Share The Love Story #16 – Surprise Proposal

February 2, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

I had just graduated college in December and had gone to visit my boyfriend, who had a job in another state.  We intended to go Christmas shopping but he mentioned there was a neighborhood not far way that had amazing lights and decorations. So we started driving there to check it out and enjoy the season.

Traffic was horrendous, we crawled passed a sign that said “no driving on the shoulder”, which I jokingly pointed out.  The car in front of us put on its left turn signal, and my boyfriend pulled on to the shoulder to pass him.  I laughingly yelled at him, saying I had just read that sign!!!

Next thing I knew, there was a policeman behind us with its lights flashing.  I looked disbelievingly at my BF. Seriously? How did he not see the cop behind him?!

All he said to me while waiting for the cop to walk to the window was to not open the glove box, as he had lots of unpaid parking tickets in there.  Slightly panicked, I watched as my boyfriend was asked to step out of the car.  They talked a few minutes, then the policeman asked me to step out too.

He asked me how we were related, and if I could call someone to pick me up.  I said I was from out of state and didn’t know anyone here.  He thought that’s unfortunate, as he was going to have to take my BF in for many unpaid tickets. And that if we weren’t related, he couldn’t let me take boyfriend’s car.  HELP!  I had no idea what to do. They looked at each other, as if trying to come up with a solution. My boyfriend suddenly knelt down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

I was confused as well as excited at the same time!  Turns out, since moving, boyfriend joined a football team and this policeman was a new friend from that team that I had never met before.  Sooo sneaky!

-Martha Jaeger


Yours Truly is a company built to showcase every couple’s love story by making quality wedding albums. As a way of thanking the warm welcome given by our customers, we are giving away a custom-made wedding album! Engaged, newlyweds and long-time couples were ask to share their love stories through email. The submission was from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Sixteen finalists were chosen. All 16 stories were posted here on the blog on February 1 , 2015. By February 27, we will rank the stories based on the number of visits. The most read love story shall win!

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