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Set In Your Own Ways

February 11, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

HELP!  I need your advice!

From my blog Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution I mentioned that one of my and Chad’s goals is to find a new home outside the city (suburbs!!!) since we are seriously thinking of starting a family.

As you know, Chad and I have been married for 6 years… going on 7 in September.  I am the only one left amongst my 5 girlfriends who doesn’t have a baby.  Now…we feel that it’s the right time.

I’m unconventional and I march to the beat of my own drums.  I’m also not easily affected with what others say about “trends”, or “what’s typical” – , much less “the norm”.  I go with my own flow as long as I don’t offend or hurt the people that surround me.

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My girlfriends say that one of the challenges that I may come across in having a baby later in our married life is that Chad and I are “set in our own ways”.  And, that adding a baby in “the mix” may derail our “rhythm” and “routine” – it’s a big adjustment (they say).

Is this really a concern for many couples who have been married for many years and decide to have a baby later in the game?

I’m not worried.  But, it seems that others do have inhibitions and decide to not start a family because of “what others say” or the “fear” of losing their freedom.

Please share your thoughts.

Yours Truly,


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