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Love Language #1: Quality of Time

February 25, 2015
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For those who have been following my blog, you would be familiar with the Love Languages I’ll be chatting about on this topic.  For those who are new to Zoe’s Thoughts, please read my previous post on “What Happens When Couples Get Married?”  It refers to the Five Love Languages – the first of five is Quality of Time.

There are many reasons why marriages stay fresh or begin to sour – which 75% result to divorces. As I’ve shared with you; I’ve always dreamed of having a love story or marriage just like my mom and dad’s.  It may sound unrealistic to many because they genuinely have a Happily Ever After fairytale despite my father passing many years ago.  Their love still exists and continues to stay strong even in spirit.

So, I’m going to use my parent’s love story as a test.  Let’s examine the first love language: Quality of Time.

Yes, it’s true – they do spend Quality Time together and made it a point to do so not just for special occasions – but daily – and I’m not exaggerating! They made sure to carve out an hour or so of their time to “talk” – most often at night, in their bedroom, by the floor-to-ceiling glass window, overlooking the lake.  My brother and I respected their private time.  They made it a staple of their night.

Now that my father has passed –my mom still spends quality time by visiting him at the crematorium weekly.  She would stay there for a few minutes, looks at my dad’s picture, professes her love quietly, and then leave.  That’s her Sunday routine.

We can’t take the Quality of Time for granted regardless of how crazy our life and world turns out to be with or without children.

Chad and I committed to purposely carve out “quality time” together by our weekly date nights– especially when we start a family.  I know that some of you may say, “Sure, you can say that now, but wait until you’re married with children or married for “X” number of years.”

Maybe you’re right, but, I hope not.  Only time will tell.


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