Plan your Honeymoon with the Cherry Blossoms

March 12, 2015
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Cherry blossoms are closely associated to Japan but do you know that you can also see the most beautiful part of spring in other parts of the world including North America?

A cherry blossom, which is a flower of trees belonging to the genus Prunus, is thought to have been native in the Himalayas in Central Asia and  have been re-cultivated to other temperate countries like South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Canada, and the US.

The Branch Brook Park, which is shared by the City of Newark and the Town of Belleville in New Jersey, is the oldest country park in the US and is the home of the nation’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees with about 4,300. Japan also gave 3,000 cherry blossom trees as a gift to the US in 1912 which were planted in Manhattan and line the shore of the Tidal basin in Washington D.C, specifically the West Potomac Park where they held the annual Cherry Blossoms Festival.

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album CompanyPhoto source

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album CompanyPhoto source

Down south west, Balboa Park of San Diego in California also has 2,000 cherry blossom trees that blossom in mid to late March. Over 2,000 trees are also located at Lake Balboa in neighboring Los Angeles. Philadephia is another host to the blossoming of more than 2,000 cherry trees during this time of the year. In Fairmount Park, the annual Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadephia is also being held.

Other US cities where you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful cherry blossoms are in Macon, Georgia (home of the International Cherry Blossom festival), the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City, in Portsmouth, New Hempshire and also at the University in Athens in Ohio.

By now, you should already have a choice destination for a picture-perfect spring honeymoon. Even if you’re wedding happened years ago, a romantic post-nuptial shoot or even just a simple dinner can be gorgeously backgrounded by these beautiful flower trees. Let your affection for each other bloom some more!

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album CompanyPhoto source 

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album CompanyPhoto source

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