Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Wife

February 9, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

On Valentine’s day, women don’t want  a new blender, baking sheet or hard drive. Forget about practicality. Your woman wants a gift that makes her feel special, sexy, happy and loved.

How to know what she wants and not just what she needs? Think of her interests – food, yoga, fashion, romantic movies, music. Then ask yourself what would she like to have that she’d imagine your dashing self to give her on the big day.

Here are some suggestions.

Do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day card

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Nothing beats personalized items and the best way to show her your love is to tell her. Do-it-yourself cards maybe traditional but they are still number one in our list of items that shall swoon her over.

Although humor is a sure hit, tailor-fit the design and the message to your wife’s real personality. Try minimalist illustration on white cardboard if your wife likes things sophisticated. Choose hues of red and pink if she has this outgoing personality. If your girl loves flowers, try putting real rose petals in between pages.

Creativity is only secondary.  A real man know the words that will make her wife’s heart melt. Be honest and keep it real.

Her favorites sweets in one box

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Even guys love sweets.

Chocolates are perfect but again, personalize it. Know what her favorite chocolate brands are and put them together in a box. Or look for letter-shaped chocs and try to spell out her name.

We all have our favorite cartoon characters. Bring her to the happy moments of her childhood by giving her a chocolate cake that looked like her favorite animated character.

Then seal your precious gift with a short love note.

Couple’s shirt

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

She’s yours and your hers. Although you don’t need a reminder to assure each other that, make Valentine’s Day an exemption by wearing a couple’s shirt. Take her to a Basketball date with both of you wearing the colors of your favorite team or watch a movie with your favorite Marvel heroes printed on each other’s shirts.

Couple shirts are perfect way to showcase each other’s personalities and to let her feel that you’re proud of her.

A very heartwarming message in a video selfie

Valentines Selfie

In this generation of selfie, it would be easy for anyone to post a video selfie. But not everyone can record a heartwarming message. This Valentine’s Day, you can!

While she will expect you to go solo on your heart-to-heart speech, you can also get the kids and record your message secretly at school or ask her best of friends to join you.

You can have it setup on your smart TV so she’ll see it automatically right before she watch the morning news. You can also send it to her via MMS. Or better yet, upload it on social media and share to the whole world your love for the special woman of your life.

A collection of your life’s best moments

Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Collect the photos of your most memorable vacations together and make a mini-scrapbook. You can ask the help of your kids to make your love book more special.

You can also order her a life-size portrait of your favorite wedding photo. Try to look for the best time when she’s not at home so you’ll have the perfect moment to hang it on a wall in your living room.

However, the best gift is to give her an heirloom that you can look at together in the next Valentine’s days. Get her a beautiful wedding album. Yours Truly Wedding Albums have so many customized options that can showcase both of your personalities. Read more details here: Yours Truly Wedding Albums.

Good luck gentlemen! Remember, a happy wife is a happy life and we can prove this on Valentine’s Day.

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