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Chivalry Still Exists

December 15, 2015
Blog- Chivalry

While walking towards the glass exit doors of a movie theater on a Friday night, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. It was the first snow fall in Chicago for the winter.

There were two sets of heavy glass exit doors, inside and outside. When we were nearing the farthest exit doors, it was apparent that the snow had fallen heavily and most of the cars were covered with it.

Chad asked me to stay inside the theatre lobby so he can get the car and pick me up at the front of the exit doors.

Many couples saw what Chad did, and the rest of the husbands, boyfriends, etc. followed! So (we) looked at each other and I said, “Isn’t it sweet that chivalry still exists?”All the women turned to me and said, “I agree. They are wonderful to us.”

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Biggest Sale of the Year! $100 OFF on Wedding Albums!

December 13, 2015
Biggest Sale of the Year

We know we have mentioned this before. That we are holding the biggest sale of the year with $75 off your wedding albums. We take that back.

Until December 31st, we are offering a huge $100 discount on your wedding albums!!!

Facebook Cover - 100 OFF

Make sure to register here – www.yourstrulyweddingalbums.com/myaccount and start processing your order before the year ends so you can avail of the promo. Use the promo code YT100D.

Don’t miss this opportunity. This is your chance to make your New Year’s resolution from several years ago come true – to make that quality wedding heirloom that you can cherish for years.

For wedding album samples, click here – the Yours Truly Wedding Albums.

Or you can watch video below for more samplers.

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Zoe's Thoughts

The First Time I Saw You…

December 11, 2015
Blog- For The First Time

Hhhmmm…this may be a loaded statement.

Share your story with us when you first saw the love of your life…what were your first impressions, feelings, reactions?  Here’s mine.

The first time I saw Chad, I thought he was:

  • A snob (well…I was proven wrong…he is such a grounded person)
  • A high maintenance guy who is more high maintenance than most females I know (this is still soooo true!)
  • Impatient (true in the beginning; but, am able to calm him down now
  • Super cute (still so true even after many years!)
  • Funny
  • Could use a little help in coordinating outfits!

So, these were my first impression from our first meeting.  Most of my impressions changed when I got to talk to him the second and third time around.  He wasn’t THAT bad after all.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts – Learn Something New!

December 9, 2015
Blog- Weekend Snowboarding

How many times did you tell yourself, “What should I do this weekend?” or “I want to do something different this weekend?”

We often fall into the same old routine or trap of spending our weekends the same way. So, this weekend, I thought of listing things that you can easily do!

  • Volunteer with your local community organization.
  • Watch a classic film like Singing in the Rain, The Godfather or old James Bond with Sean Connery.
  • Say hello to a neighbor you don’t usually talk to.
  • Plan a day trip to somewhere outside your city or visit a suburb you haven’t been.

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  • Learn five phrases in a new language–what about German, Italian or Thai?
  • Listen to a genre of music you haven’t tried before–Country, New Age?
  • Try a new cuisine–what about French, Cuban or Korean?
  • Learn a new skill or sport–what about cooking a new dish, water skiing or snow boarding?

So, what new things will you try today?”

Zoe's Thoughts

Chicago’s Winter Wonderlights

December 6, 2015
Winter Wonderland Blog Main

One of the best things about the holidays is the magnificent decorations and lights displayed on people’s houses, malls, city buildings, etc.

In downtown Chicago, we have a trolley ride along the city landmarks called the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, State Street, Macy’s Holiday Windows and Daley Center Plaza. These places are adorned with sky-high Christmas trees and endless lights that go miles and miles long.

Winter Wonderland Blog 2The Cloud Gate glows at night

Winter Wonderland Blog 3A giant Christmas tree at Daley Center Plaza

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Holiday Special: No Down-Payment Needed!

December 3, 2015
Winter wonderland wedding at Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort from Chelsea Nicole Photography

Here comes the holidays! We are making the season extra special by not requiring you to pay any down-payment when you order a wedding album!

A $50 deposit is required in the regular ordering process before you start uploading your wedding photos into our system. You will then be billed for the remaining amount when your layout is completed and your album’s final look is approved.

That process will change this month (Until December 31st, 2015) since you no longer need to pay a deposit fee. We will only ask for your credit card when you approve of the soft copy of the finish product! How cool is that?

No Deposit Required

You can check out our album designs on our website – www.yourstrulyweddingalbums.com!

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Know What Matters Most To Your Husband

November 27, 2015
Blog- Travelling

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Last week, Chad and I made a dual-purpose trip to California both business and pleasure.

I enjoy our plane rides. We get to relax either by watching a movie shown on air, read a book or we get our quality time just talking about anything in our minds.

I don’t know what came over me but, I asked Chad after being married for seven years, “What matters to him the most?” Did his list change from several years ago even before marriage?

It was comforting to hear that his list hasn’t changed for the most part. It’s simple but profound.  Here’s his list; but not in order of importance. 🙂

  • Intimacy
  • Romance
  • Faithfulness
  • Respect
  • Sense of Humor
  • Sense of family
  • Appearance

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Zoe's Thoughts

Three Simple Ideals to Preserve Your Marriage

November 24, 2015
Blog- Three Simple Ideals to Preserve Your Marriage

I’m no expert nor would I say I have enough experience in marriage only being wed for 7 years. Others would say, children makes a big difference in a relationship; and, I don’t have that either. But, what I know are ideals that I deeply believe, that no matter a couple have kids or not, or married for a short while or otherwise, will work.

  • I remember my dad saying, “Don’t make promises. But, not because you can’t keep them but because when you love someone, you don’t promise, you just do it.  Such as saying, “I promise to respect you or I promise to be faithful to you”. You don’t promise those things to your partner. It’s expected from you.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of “time with and for each other”. No matter how busy you get, whether just the two of you or as a family, don’t just try to commit to carve out time, but rather, commit to spend time with each other. Start a tradition of celebrating just the two of you.
  • Take care of each other. Everyone who surrounds you move on. Even your children move on when they get older and start their own families. But, no matter if people have come and gone, you have each other to lean on. So, take good care of your love and partnership.

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