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Our You-nique Wedding Photo Contest!

May 21, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

As you’ve seen on our website and email messages, we are running a contest for You-nique Wedding Photos.  It is a contest for those who have experienced anything “unique” about a wedding.  It is such fun contests that we hope you or your friends join!

When Chad and I got married, the whole “uniqueness” or “unconventional” weddings were not an “in” thing.  During our time, we made certain elements of our wedding unique (well…it was unconventional 8 years ago!).

Nowadays, I love seeing wedding photos that speak the couples’ personality as opposed to how weddings were in the past…the reception halls or banquets dictated the character of the wedding.

I’m so happy to see the turn of events on how much personalized weddings have become.  This is our inspiration in making our YoursTrulyWeddingAlbum covers. We compliment the design of your wedding album cover to the theme of your wedding.

Come join our contest!  The more the merrier!  Click on the photo below for contest details.

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