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Not Love at First Sight but Love at Second Sight

August 19, 2015
Blog- Love at First Sight

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about couples who didn’t really fall in love at “first sight” but the attraction grew stronger the second or third or even the fourth sight?

Attraction comes in different ways. Some are physical, others are mental or emotional. And it strikes you in all sorts of ways.


There are also relationships that engagements are short, too long, and not long enough before couples get married. Yes, some marriages last a week, a month, a year then break off or others last a lifetime that never ends.

Anyway, love is complicated.  But, it sure has one common theme – the feeling of making someone feel good, happy, excited, wanted, needed, etc.  For however love strikes you, the first, second or third, one thing is for certain… it sure gives you a purpose to wake up each morning. 🙂 

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