No Bride Left Behind

January 28, 2015
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Making your big day unique has become easier than ever with the latest obsession for Pinterest! Pin-boards filled with every possible idea known to man are all the rave for soon-to-be-brides.

We understand the need to be super-bride with your super-wedding flair. It’s exciting! No one can stop you from bringing your pins to life! However, just a little word of advice for after the big day…

Don’t get left behind.

There is a new trend buzzing around like a wasp in the car and you don’t want to be part of its sting! New wives are getting left behind! Yes, left behind! Husband too! Even ring bearers! (Regardless of how cute they are!)

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

We have seen them get left behind on thumb drives, old picture CD’s and even photo gallery sites. Some get misplaced, popping up years later scratched or piled high in dust bunnies. Sadly, some never show back up. Ever.

Imagine one day down the line, wanting to share your wedding photos with your kids.  You run to find the thumb drive, only to realize your computer no longer has a USB port. This could be you! It sounds scary, but imagine if got married 15 years ago and you received a floppy disk of photos. How would you see them now? Please be warned ladies! Nothing is worse than storing your favorite memories on obsolete digital media and getting left behind.

In hopes to stop the emotional damage created by outdated media, the No Bride Left Behind program was created to protect brides like yourself. So how do we help? It’s simple. We will create a custom wedding album just for you! Yours Truly Wedding Albums allows you to pick an album as unique as your wedding day!

And best of all, we are giving you a chance to win 2 FREE albums with our latest contest! Click here (Share The Love Story Contest) to enter.

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