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New Year’s Resolution 3rd Quarter Check

September 28, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Alright…it was that time again when Chad and I had our 3rd quarter check of our New Year’s Resolution.  It was fun, actually.  We had dinner at a neighborhood Italian restaurant and over glasses of champagne; we started our “3rd quarter” review. 🙂

First, he asked, “Are you prepared for the review?” And, I said, “I’m always prepared…you?” With a “not-so-sure” look on his face, he said, “I’m not.” (with a face looking for sympathy!).

Well…we had to do it anyway. So…we ordered our food then our review began. So here are the updates in bold (Please read my blog : Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution):

2015 Goals:

Chad and Zoe’s Relationship Development

  • Continue to build on our solid foundation and NEVER EVER take each other for granted! – Right on Target!
  • Continue our weekly “date nights” on either Thursdays or Fridays – Definitely on Target! We even committed to turn off our phones!!
  • Continue to celebrate our anniversary in Louisiana where we “officially” started dating  – YES WE DID…Yay! After I surprised him with the Venetian Boat Parade by the lake we decided to take a trip to Louisiana this pass week!
  • Spend more time with our friends Yup –hhhmmm… not as well as we did the first half of the year.  We need to be better at this!
  • Begin our plans to move into a new home to start a family – Yikes…no movement here! Still “on the fence” with the whole “baby thing” – we still need to get YoursTrulyWedding Albums really solid and off the ground.  Sorry…we have to wait a bit longer 🙂 

Blog Footer- August 31


Zoe’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week – SUPER BAD ON THIS CATEGORY!! Urgh!  Chad was not happy!
  • Eat healthier (This may be a tough one!)- I’d say I’m still better than before…although after eating Cinnabon at the airport…Chad thinks I still have room to improve!
  • Ensure balance with personal extracurricular – On Target!


Chad’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week (He’s better than me!). He’s still better than me in this category!
  • Learn to cook more dishes (I can’t wait!) – OMG…no progress on this one. Although he does feel bad about it.  
  • Spend more time giving back to the community – Yes! We joined another organization which I’ll share with you next time.


Chad and Zoe’s Professional Development

  • Make Yours Truly the number one website for couples in love  –Still working very hard on this and with your help, we know we can make Yours Truly the best website for you!


I say…we did pretty good…percentage wise 🙂

Yours Truly,



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