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Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2014
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Before New Year’s Eve, Chad and I would set a “date” to carve out a few hours of our time and talk about our goals for the following year.

Our list looks like this:

2015 Goals:

Chad and Zoe’s Relationship Development

  • Continue to build on our solid foundation and NEVER EVER take each other for granted!
  • Continue our weekly “date nights” on either Thursdays or Fridays
  • Continue to celebrate our anniversary in Louisiana where we “officially” started dating  🙂
  • Spend more time with our friends
  • Begin our plans to move into a new home to start a family  🙂

Zoe’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week (I’ll try!)
  • Eat healthier (This may be a tough one!)
  • Ensure balance with personal extracurricular

Chad’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week (He’s better than me!)
  • Learn to cook more dishes (I can’t wait!)
  • Spend more time giving back to the community

Chad and Zoe’s Professional Development

  • Make Yours Truly the number one website for couples in love  🙂

So how does your list look for your New Year’s resolution that will grow your love, life and leisure?

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