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Love Language #5 – Physical Touch

March 24, 2015
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From the book, “Five Languages of Love” by Dr. Chapman – we will talk about the Love Language: Physical Touch.  For those who are new to Zoe’s Blog – we chatted on other four love languages: (click on the links to be routed to each blog post) Quality of Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Gift Giving.

Physical touch is a powerful love language.  And, it doesn’t always mean sexual intimacy.  It is knowing when yours truly needs physical touch at the right place, at the right time or at the right moment.

As what we’ve talked about from our earlier blogs, explore your partner’s love language.   Not all are comfortable with being “touched”.  But, you need to learn when yours truly needs it the most.  It his highly doubtful that anyone would turn away from a “hug” in time of sorrow or crisis.  Physical touch means more than any words can say.

I shared with you my parent’s similarities in appreciating all four love languages.  This Love Language is rather difficult for my mom.  She is one of the most kind-hearted, compassionate human beings you’ll ever meet; but, she’s not “touchy-feely”.  Far different from me, my brother and especially my dad.

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But, my dad’s primary love language is physical touch and my mom had to learn to speak it more often. That’s when you know when the love between two people are aligned – my parents learned and appreciated each other’s love language.

After many years of my parents’ marriage until my dad passed away, my dad’s favorite act of physical touch was simply “holding hands”.  My parents held hands in every chance they had – in the car while driving, walking in the mall, and sitting on the couch while watching TV, or when they had their quiet moments each night while they talked about life and love in general.

My mom misses my dad’s physical touch immensely, but their unconditional love gives my mom the “physical touch” she needs that goes  straight to her heart.

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