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Love Language #4: Acts of Service

March 17, 2015
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Is “Acts of Service” your significant other’s Love Language?  Of the five love languages, Acts of Service is just one way you can share your love to yours truly.  I’m sure many of us appreciate a thoughtful gesture.

This Love Language is important to both my parents.  Not from the receiving end; but, on the giving end.

They are both the ultimate givers of services to many people most especially to each other.

Here are a few from my mom:

  • Made him a cup of coffee each morning
  • Asked if he wanted a packed lunch each morning for work
  • Made a full breakfast every day
  • Called my dad at work during lunch
  • Shopped for anything that my dad may need even if he didn’t ask for it

From my dad – here are a few:

  • Chivalry never went away for my dad, he opened any doors for my mom- the car door especially which most men forget when they are married
  • Dropped off my mom in front of the building or restaurant door when it’s raining or snowing hard
  • Held my mom’s hand each time they walk together
  • Filled-up er car with gas MOST of the time
  • Washed her car
  • Carried her shopping bags or grocery bags!!
  • Ran errands for her

With Chad, he was able to break through my inhibitions of receiving the acts of service.  He’s a wonderful husband who has given me so much and I do appreciate his thoughtful gestures to make me feel loved and important in his life.

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