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Life Gives Love a Second Chance

September 21, 2015
Blog- Second Chance

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Do you remember my girlfriend, who after 15 years, was divorced by her husband? Well…after many months of heartache from the separation, she finally went on her first date!

OMG! I couldn’t be so thrilled for her. Others may think it’s too soon. But, I never thought that for a moment! I believe that there’s no place for people to judge when is the right time for someone to move on with their lives after divorce.

Blog- Second Chance 2

The ironic part of is that she had known this guy since they were in kindergarten! Would you believe it?!? They bumped into each other when my girlfriend went with her other friends in the city…and long behold a group of guys were walking pass them and they both looked at each other with a slight confusion on their faces. The guy said, “Samantha?” (My girlfriend’s name by the way!). And, she said, “Brandon?”

Three weeks later…then went on their first date! They knew each other as kids and now they are taking their time to know each other as adults.

Life gives love a second chance. My girlfriend deserves a second chance in love.

Yours Truly,


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