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How was Father’s Day?

June 24, 2015
Blog- Zoe Father's Day

Dear Yours Truly Readers 

Father’s Day for me is not like it use to be nor how I used to celebrate it. As you know, I lost my dad many years ago. I miss him so much, particularly during the holidays and most especially on Father’s Day.

I called my mom that day. She was not home. As I guessed, she visited him at his memorial site and offered flowers…white flowers.  Not long after, she called me back and told me what she did (as I already expected what her morning activities were).

Between me and my mom, we have an “inside joke” of greeting her  “Happy Birthday” when it’s my or my brother’s birthday honoring the day that she gave birth to us. 🙂

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I do the same on Father’s Day. It’s more of a gesture of respect that she took on 2 roles as a parent when my dad passed. She gladly played this role with so much pride. Whenever I’m in a bind and needed advice, I would often ask, “So if dad were still alive, what do you think he would say”. She would start by saying, “If your dad were still alive…he would say (or do…)…”

I have so much admiration for all the fathers who commit their lives to their children and who work tirelessly to provide for their families.

Although I miss my dad tremendously, I still have a mom who reminds me that my dad in only a heaven away.

Yours Truly,


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