How to Properly Store Your Wedding Gown

March 19, 2015
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So, the big day is over and the guests have left. All the gifts were also unwrapped. But there’s one more important thing that needs to be done: To properly store your very precious wedding gown.

You might need to rush to where you’re hanging your bridal dress and double check if you did these steps. To be able to share your wedding gown to the generations after you, here are the must-do’s.

1. Fold the gown carefully 

Wrap the sleeve under the bodice of the bridal gown, fold that back over the skirt, and then wrap the skirt up and over the top of the bodice. Continue to fold the gown until it will fit into the box. Avoid folding it tightly, however and don’t fold creases.

2. Place acid-free tissue paper in between each folds 

This prevents the creasing or the fabric from touching other parts of the dress. Many wedding gowns use special stitching or beads, sequins and pearls and you do not want these items to scratch or snag satin or silk fabrics when folded.

3. Wrap the wedding gown completely with the unbleached muslin.

Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave which usually comes with the box sent to you by your couturier. This will further seal the dress and protect it from dust and other particles/ substances which may damage it.

4. Keep the dress away from direct sunlight 

After putting your bridal gown in a box, look for an area with normal room temperature where you can store it. Put it under your bed or inside your cabinet. The lesser light, the better.

5. Don’t leave the dress hanging or laying flat in a specialty garment bag.

Putting in the original box is still the best way to keep your wedding dress. This way you can avoid the musty scent like those of dresses stored in garment bags.

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