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How Long Does It Take To Produce A Wedding Album?

July 20, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I just got an email from Rosie, a newlywed from New York. She was just married to the man of her dreams six days ago and they’re about to begin a month-long honeymoon trip in Europe.

Some members of Rosie’s family are living in London and were not able to attend her wedding here in the US. They are very excited to see her photos when she visits them in one of their honeymoon stops in the UK.

Their scheduled Europe trip will happen in 28 days or in 4 weeks! So Rosie wants to find out if her wedding album will be ready by then if she decided to order one from Yours Truly today.

A lot of you might be in similar situation. Or you just want to know how soon can we finish your wedding album.

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The good news is, in Rosie’s case, the 28-days timeline is doable!

With Yours Truly Wedding Albums, album layouts will be ready within 7 business days. Once the layout is approved and check-out complete, the album production takes about 10 business days. Shipping time varies from 1 to 4 days depending on where you live.

It would be safe to say Rosie, her husband, and her family will be looking at a beautiful wedding heirloom on a very special family reunion! 🙂

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