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“Greige” is the “in” color of this Year’s Wedding Motifs

October 9, 2015
Blog- Greige

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

In June, I wrote a blog titled, “Color of the Year – Marsala”, to tie it with our leather colors at leather choices for your wedding albums covers.

Last month, Chad and I attended a seminar for business owners in the wedding industry. Not that I’m surprised to hear that “greige” is the “in” color of wedding themes; but, I was happy to hear (and see) the creativity of color palettes that the wedding industry has inspired for the brides and grooms.

So, “greige” is the new “grey” or the new “beige” – love it! We saw about three companies with employees wearing “greige” colored t-shirts. It’s pretty cool.

YT Blog Footnote

I had many takeaways from the convention. Call me shallow…but that was one of my fun takeaways. I guess I better meet with our leather vendors to see if they offer this color so can make wedding albums with this “in” color. 🙂

You can also check out our Pinterest (click here!) for more Greige wedding inspirations.

Yours Truly,


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