If the Goal of a Happy Life is to have a Happy Wife…

December 1, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Then make sure your wife has a wedding album.

As a husband, you’re entering into a partnership for life.  You’re expected to be the “yin” for your wife’s “yang”.   You’re supposed to compensate for her shortcomings, just like she’ll compensate for yours.

All of the trends today in weddings make perfect sense:  guys are tired of wearing black tuxedos and rented shoes and are wearing more casual clothing like high-top sneakers or boat shoes.  Guys are more involved in the planning, especially for the things we care about… like music and food.

But for some reason, the trend today is that when you hire a Professional Photographer, only sometimes is an album included.  Many photographers don’t offer albums, because quite frankly the process of choosing the photos and designing the album is so cumbersome that the photographers can’t make any money selling them.

That leaves couples to have to (1) either find another photographer who will make the album, (2) find a lower quality album online, (3) or not get an album and regret it for the rest of their lives.

When your wife wants to look at your wedding photos, do you think she’d rather scan through 600-1000 photos (many of which are dupes), or look at the best 80-100 photos that were creatively designed in an album?   Of course, she’d rather have a physical album which you’ll both not only enjoy forever… but that your kids (and grand kids) will someday enjoy.

So here are some suggestions to ensure that you have a Happy Wife:  (1) keep the bathroom clean,  (2) plan a weekly date night, (3) never stop agreeing with her, and (4) make sure you get her a wedding album.

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