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First Year Challenges

February 21, 2015
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While you’re planning a wedding, it seems like the excitement builds a little more each day.  And when the big day comes, nothing can top the feeling of declaring your love for your partner in front of your family and closest friends.

You might think that the first year of marriage will be like an extended honeymoon full of love and sweetness.  And it can be, but for some couples, it presents a lot of “first”, including the first time you’re together every single day, and that can present some challenges.

Before marriage, you may think you know everything about your partner:  what food they like, what activities they enjoy, and their preferred method of “chilling”.  However, in year 1 you’ll really get to know who your partner really is.

This is when you’ll find out how they respond to adversity.  How organized (or dis-organized) they are at home.  Sometimes silly things like how they make the bed, organize the bathroom, or simply how they wash dishes can lead to some ‘challenges’. Ever had a roommate who was your polar opposite in managing a home?   It can happen with your life partner too.

These challenges will mostly likely occur, and you must talk to each other in order to resolve things. A good marriage starts with 2 people learning how to compromise.  Sometimes things that seem so silly to you, will be really important to your partner.  And vice versa. Relationships are about give-and-take, and the decisions you make must be acceptable to both.

The first year challenges are trial run for you as a couple, and it’s so important to set a strong foundation. If you plan on having children (or already have some), the marriage will be tested.  As long as the foundation is strong and built on mutual respect and compromise, the marriage will thrive, and grow stronger as you navigate through every bump in the road.

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