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First Quarter Check – New Year’s Resolution

March 29, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

So, let’s see how well you did with your New Year’s Resolution List (Read my last blog: Love, Life and Leisure – A New Year’s Resolution).  It’s the end of first quarter and I suggest that you visit the list of things you said you were or were not going to do for 2015.

I’m not proud to say that Chad’s and my checklist didn’t progress much… urgh!

Here it goes:

2015 Goals:

Chad and Zoe’s Relationship Development:

  • Continue to build on our solid foundation and NEVER EVER take each other for granted!
  • Continue our weekly “date nights” on either Thursdays or Fridays
  • Continue to celebrate our anniversary in Louisianna where we “officially” started dating
  • Spend more time with our friends
  • Begin our plans to move into a new home to start a family

Zoe’s Personal Development:

  • Work out 5x per week (I’ll try!)
  • Eat healthier (This may be a tough one!)
  • Ensure balance with personal extracurricular

Chad’s Personal Development:

  • Work out 5x per week (He’s better than me!)
  • Learn to cook more dishes (I can’t wait!)
  • Spend more time giving back to the community

Chad and Zoe’s Professional Development

  • Make Yours Truly be the number one website for couples in love!

Hmmm… we need to get going on the other resolutions we committed in doing. 🙂

Yours Truly,


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