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Please Don’t Forget About Me

December 3, 2014
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My dad is amazing. 

When he took his vow to marry my mom, his love for her grew even stronger as time passed. There were little things that he did to my mom which my brother and I admired.  The unexpected yellow roses (my mom’s favorite color) that he would surprise my mom with when he came home from work.  When my dad hasn’t seen my mom for some time in the house he would yell, “Julie, where are you? I haven’t seen you in a while”.

He would patiently wait for hours in the mall and he gladly carried her shopping bags while she continued to shop.  He made sure that he dropped her off at the front entrance of any restaurants, their home, doctor’s office, etc. when it’s raining hard- he also made sure that he picked her up.  And, after many years of marriage, as simple as holding each other’s hands while walking or while in the car driving, he showed care for my mom.  My brother and I would look at each other with grins on our faces.  Although he had such a soft heart towards my mom, he was her rock.

My dad, was mentally strong and served as our pillar.  Unfortunately he got ill not long after his retirement.  When he was diagnosed with cancer, he never shed a tear but instead asked the doctor how much longer he will live.  He held my mom’s hand and said, “No tears”.

In his last few days, he remained protective and caring of my mom.  He didn’t want to share any of the physical pains he experienced.  His response to my mom when asked, “I’m perfectly fine.  Don’t worry about me.”; even though he could hardly breathe.

Despite how my dad’s life ended, he remained positive all throughout his illness.  The one favor he asked from my mom was, “Please don’t forget about me and the great love that we had for each other.  Take care of yourself as I won’t be there to care for you.

My dad is just simply amazing. 


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