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November 13, 2014
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Is our destiny already planned for us as we were born?

My mom is full of great advice about “love and marriage”.  I respect her tremendously as she and my dad defines “true love” in its purest sense of the words.  My dad passed away about 13 years ago…and, to this date, my mom never fell in love again.  Each year, she remembers their wedding anniversary and offers white roses to my dad at the cemetery.  And each time, she never fails to cry.

Sometimes I wonder if being single is my mom’s destiny.  Or, is it her choice to be single?  When I was growing up she said that each of us has a path to our ultimate “destiny”.  It is our life choices that could take us to where we truly belong.  And those choices may present various heights of challenges and opportunities; regardless, all points lead to the same direction.

So my question is if my mom chooses to “date” again…will she change her path to being single as her ultimate destiny?  Or, is her destiny to be with the only one she’s truly loved…my dad.  I would not be surprise if she doesn’t find love the second time around.  As my dad took his last breath…my mom leaned on his forehead and whispered, “I will see you there…and if you propose to me, I will marry you all over again – I promise.

This is my favorite love story.

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