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Could there really be a Celestine Prophecy?

September 26, 2015
Celestine Prophecy

Awe… One of the best books ever written by!

So, do you remember my girlfriend Samantha (BLOG: Life Gives Love A Second Chance) who had her first date with Brandon after many months of distress from her divorce?

Their situation reminded me of this excerpt from the Celestine Prophecy book:

“It says that whenever people cross our paths, there is always a message for us. Chance encounters do not exist. But how we respond to these encounters determines whether we’re able to receive the message. If we have a conversation with someone who crosses our path and we do not see a message pertaining to our current questions, it does not mean there was no message. It only means we missed it for some reason.”

When my girlfriend told me how she bumped into Brandon and three weeks later they had their first date, the day after, I bought her the Celestine Prophecy book and highlighted this quote for her.

I had goose bumps when she told me how they met again. She’s so happy right now. I am happy for her too.

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