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Chad’s Birthday Dinner on a Boat

August 17, 2015
Blog- Dinner on a Boat

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

OK, ladies. How many times have  you been stuck thinking about a birthday present for your husband?? I bet many times!  Chad and I have been together for many years and coming up with unique gift ideas get challenging each year. I’m normally pretty good with creative birthday ideas; but, this time, I struggled.  So, I asked Chad what he wanted for his birthday (which is the first time by the way that I ever asked!).  He was no help!  The answer, “Whatever you want, baby” doesn’t help.  Or, “It doesn’t matter as long as I have you.” was not the right answer either! Well…I thought of an idea that many “Chicagoans” have done, but Chad hasn’t experienced. It’s a birthday dinner on a boat cruise. We’re lucky that Chicago has a handful of boats that cruise along Lake Michigan.  I threw out the idea and he LOVED it!  I didn’t waste a minute and reserved two tickets. I couldn’t wait for his birthday to celebrate on the boat.

Well, his birthday came and the experience on the boat was rather disappointing. It wasn’t what I remembered it to be.  Although Chad, as always, was appreciative of the gift – quite frankly the service could’ve been better. Since we are a pretty optimistic and positive couple – Chad and I tried to make the best of the night.  There was a DJ on board and he requested one of my favorite songs, “The Way You Look Tonight” by Michael Buble (originated by Frank Sinatra). When the song played, Chad took my hand and we held each other tight. For a moment, we forgot about our disappointments and just thought of how fortunate we are to have each other.

As we ended the night, I asked him his birthday wish, and he said, “To be with you for as long as I live”. And I answered, “Well, your wish will definitely come true!”

Yours Truly,



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