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Chat Soon by Chad

Chat Soon by Chad

Reason why brides don’t have albums

July 24, 2015
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Designing a wedding album isn’t so easy.

Many brides that opted not to order an album from their photographer think it’s going to be less costly (and easier) to order an album online. The truth is, for most brides it’s not.

For starters, it’s hard to find a professional quality wedding album online. There are a lot of online photo book companies to choose from….but not many offer Flush Mount Wedding Albums.

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Most photo book companies provide software for you to use in designing albums. Some even offer wedding themes. The truth is that most album services are very basic, the design ends up looking very “templately”, and they don’t tell your story the way it would if it were designed by a professional album designer.

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First Year Challenges

February 21, 2015
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While you’re planning a wedding, it seems like the excitement builds a little more each day.  And when the big day comes, nothing can top the feeling of declaring your love for your partner in front of your family and closest friends.

You might think that the first year of marriage will be like an extended honeymoon full of love and sweetness.  And it can be, but for some couples, it presents a lot of “first”, including the first time you’re together every single day, and that can present some challenges.

Before marriage, you may think you know everything about your partner:  what food they like, what activities they enjoy, and their preferred method of “chilling”.  However, in year 1 you’ll really get to know who your partner really is.

This is when you’ll find out how they respond to adversity.  How organized (or dis-organized) they are at home.  Sometimes silly things like how they make the bed, organize the bathroom, or simply how they wash dishes can lead to some ‘challenges’. Ever had a roommate who was your polar opposite in managing a home?   It can happen with your life partner too.

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Wives Love Surprises

January 19, 2015
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Guys, Wives LOVE surprises. Whether its flowers for no particular occasion, some sweet treats or a piece of jewelry, they love knowing that we’re thinking of them and made the effort to do something nice.

Surprises can be really simple, like preparing a great breakfast over the weekend, or planning a romantic “date night” at home for just the two of you.

There are other surprises that are more practical such as removing something big from her “to do” list that’s been on there for a long time.   Like your wedding album.  More than 50% of today’s couples have a disk of wedding photos and no wedding album.   And while the overwhelming majority of brides want an album… embarking on a long project can be daunting.

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Which is why Zoe and I started Yours Truly.   It’s for couples who don’t have the time, stamina, or creativity to make a creative wedding album.  With Yours Truly, you can send us ALL of the photos from your wedding, and our designers will create a gallery of photos that we recommend for the album.  You (and your wife) will be able to make the final selections, and as soon as you press “submit”, we’ll begin creating a one-of-a-kind layout that best tells the story of your wedding.   It’s that easy!   Most couples tell us that the total time they invested is just 60-90 minutes, which sure beats reading “wedding album design for dummies”!

A few weeks later, you’ll have a professionally designed wedding album that will be with your family for generations. I suggest surprising her by starting the order, and then involving her when the photos have been organized.  She’ll love the fact that you jump-started the process, and she’ll be blown away when it arrives gift wrapped with colorful packaging. Then, every time she looks at your album, it will be extra special as she’ll remember that this was a surprise from you!

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