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Photo of the most romantic proposal wins!

June 22, 2015
Contest Winner - Blog Photo!

We would like to thank everyone for taking time to vote for your favorite photos in the You-nique Wedding Photo Contest. We are having our blog’s best month yet! All thanks to you awesome people and we hope to still see you visit the blog even after the contest.

It’s now time to announce the winner!

Yours Truly Wedding Albums Blog Footer Image 3

After more than 400 votes cast on the blog (Link to voting page), congratulations to Jacklyn Shields and her fiance Patrick for receiving the most votes. Their photo received 51% of the total number of votes cast!

To Jacklyn and Patrick, we are excited for your wedding and we are looking forward to work with you on your wedding album!

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Vote for the most You-nique Wedding Photo!

June 12, 2015
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Who will be the next winner of a professional wedding album from Yours Truly?

We received so many emails for our YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest that it was hard to choose the best one! After spending some time reviewing the photos, we are sharing our top 10 favorites.

Be part of a couple’s journey to winning a beautiful wedding heirloom by voting for the picture which you think is the most unique! Each entry is assigned with a number. Cast your vote by writing the number of your choice at the comments section below. Voting will start today, June 8 and will end on June 20.

You can also share this blog on social media to help your favorite get more votes!

Here are the finalists! Vote for the most You-nique Wedding Photo now! 🙂

You-nique Wedding Photo Contest 1By Amanda Ullery

“I am so excited about the opportunity to share our unique wedding with you. My fiance Ken proposed to me at the top of Mount Snow. We will be married on 3/12/16 and I will be snowboarding down the mountain in my dress along with my husband and our bridal party while our guests enjoy hot coco and s’mores. I hope that I have the opportunity to fill these pages with our wedding story.”

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Send Your You-nique Wedding Photos By June 7, 2015!

June 1, 2015
You-nique Wedding Photo Contest 2

The race is not over yet! We would like to thank those who already sent their entries to the YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest! 🙂

The response has been overwhelming but we got excited thinking about the creative photos that the rest will still be sending. So, we are extending the contest until Sunday, June 7! All photos emailed to on or before 12 midnight will be eligible for the special prize of a professionally-designed wedding album!

When we say “special prize”, we mean it. Here are examples of the wedding albums we made for the winners of our two previous contests. You can click on the images for more photos of these two gorgeous wedding albums!

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Finished Album of our Share The Love Story Winners!

May 26, 2015
Share The Love Story Winner - 5

After weeks of hard work, we just shipped a gorgeous wedding album with 185 photos to the winners of our “Share the Love” contest.

In January  and February this year, our contest offered the “wedding photo album of your dreams” for the best love story. Amy and John, “the high school friends-turned-sweethearts” gathered the most reads and ran away with the very special prize!

Our contest winners wished each other “Good luck” when they graduated high school in 1985. Eighteen years later, they reconnected and eventually fell in love with each other. (Read their whole love story here – Love Miracle) They tied the knot in November of 2014 in a beautiful ceremony full of friends and family, and have amazing photos to remember their big day.


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Join the YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest!

May 8, 2015
Blog Image

We believe that every couple needs a wedding album and that every wedding is unique!

So, for our next online contest, we are encouraging all newlyweds and even those who have been married a long time ago to think of something that set your wedding apart from the others. Tell us something about this uniqueness to get the chance to win a custom wedding album!


  1. Send us a photo of anything unique about your wedding; could be an unusual venue, a bold choice for a bridal gown, an innovative wedding proposal, an outrageous wedding procession, an original concept for the invitation, bridal party attire that’s one-of-a-kind, your vows which made everyone laugh (or cry), a crazy “game” or at the reception, a funny family wedding shot, and other wedding moments that are uniquely yours!
  1. Add a short description to tell us what made that moment unique.
  1. Email it to

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Share Details From Your Unique Wedding!

April 29, 2015
Unique Wedding

If in case you missed our previous posts, Yours Truly Wedding Albums is celebrating uniqueness this wedding season of May and June.

We are currently hunting for the most unique wedding moments; may it be your wedding cake, your bridal gown, a playful engagement shoot or the wackiest family portrait with the bride and the groom! If your photos are ready, email to

The prize for the winner? – a professionally-made wedding album! 🙂

You can check the full contest mechanics here: YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest.

To give you an inspiration of which photos to show us, we are posting here some of the best unique and original wedding items and photos we’ve seen!

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Celebrity Couple Inspirations For Our Selfie Challenge

March 6, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Photo Albums

Celebrity selfies… For a celebrity, it’s a nice gesture to reach out to their fans. For a fan, on the other hand, it’s a great way to satisfy their curiosity about their idols.

Let’s double the fun! We’re not gonna talk about solo celebrity selfies. Today, we’re going to feature the most buzz-about couple celebrity selfies!

But why are posting these photos?  So, you’ll get inspiration of how to work on your next romantic project wherein you will have the chance to win a custom wedding album from Yours Truly Wedding Albums. What to do we need from you? Just a selfie!

Post your couple selfie on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can be very creative on the caption, but don’t forget to include our official hash tag#YoursTrulySelfieChallenge. Tag @ytweddingalbums on Instagram and Twitter and Yours Truly Wedding Albums on Facebook.

There are a lot of fun ways to take selfies: During one of your dinners, while picking up your groceries, or just lounging around in your living room on a weekend. Engaged couples waiting for their big day, newlyweds or long-time partners are all welcome to join!

So, may the best selfie win! :)

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Contest Update – Share The Love Story Top 6

February 18, 2015
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Most of us are just so excited to fall in love. And when we do, we are so excited to share it to the world.

This is why we started our online contest Share The Love Story in December last year to go back to the core of making wedding albums – to make an heirloom of the most romantic love stories for it to be shared to the next generations.

By February 2015, we received 16 beautiful entries vying for the top spot as the most read love story here on the blog. The number 1 story shall win a custom and professionally- made wedding album each!

We are still counting reads/ visits on the individual pages until February 27,2015. To give you an update, however, here are the top 6 based on their share of the unique visits (1 count for 1 device only) from February 2 to 18.

For stories who are not in the top 6, you still have 9 days to let your friends know about it by sharing your links on social media. We have a very close contest and the ranking can still change. Good luck to all the 16 participants! 🙂

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Share The Love Story #16 – Surprise Proposal

February 2, 2015
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

I had just graduated college in December and had gone to visit my boyfriend, who had a job in another state.  We intended to go Christmas shopping but he mentioned there was a neighborhood not far way that had amazing lights and decorations. So we started driving there to check it out and enjoy the season.

Traffic was horrendous, we crawled passed a sign that said “no driving on the shoulder”, which I jokingly pointed out.  The car in front of us put on its left turn signal, and my boyfriend pulled on to the shoulder to pass him.  I laughingly yelled at him, saying I had just read that sign!!!

Next thing I knew, there was a policeman behind us with its lights flashing.  I looked disbelievingly at my BF. Seriously? How did he not see the cop behind him?!

All he said to me while waiting for the cop to walk to the window was to not open the glove box, as he had lots of unpaid parking tickets in there.  Slightly panicked, I watched as my boyfriend was asked to step out of the car.  They talked a few minutes, then the policeman asked me to step out too.

He asked me how we were related, and if I could call someone to pick me up.  I said I was from out of state and didn’t know anyone here.  He thought that’s unfortunate, as he was going to have to take my BF in for many unpaid tickets. And that if we weren’t related, he couldn’t let me take boyfriend’s car.  HELP!  I had no idea what to do. They looked at each other, as if trying to come up with a solution. My boyfriend suddenly knelt down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

I was confused as well as excited at the same time!  Turns out, since moving, boyfriend joined a football team and this policeman was a new friend from that team that I had never met before.  Sooo sneaky!

-Martha Jaeger

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