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Top Reasons in getting a Professional Wedding Album

September 20, 2016

Photographers don’t usually include a Wedding Album in their offers. It might be because most Brides think that a Wedding Album is not cheap and that will surely take a big chunk of their budget. It is also common to hear the couples say that it takes time going through hundreds upon hundreds of photos and select just a few to include in the album. Well, YT got you covered, and more.

We all know that getting married is an expensive event, you can read more about that here. It is just fair for you, the Bride, who spent a lot of time, money and energy planning out a beautiful day, to have a custom wedding album where you can display the images as beautifully as possible. Continue Reading…

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Venues for the Budget Savvy Bride

October 16, 2014
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Are you a budget savvy bride looking for a ideas on how to create the most beautiful wedding known to man….without blowing your budget? We have some tips that can help take your dime a long way!

Wedding venues can be quite pricey, but with a little research, you can find a great place for a great price! Did you know that many public spaces, like parks or the local village green, may be available to rent at a low fee? How about renting someones space, like a friend who has a beautiful property or search online for private space rentals. Recently we came across and found a ton of great places to rent on the cheap!


The Brattle Lawn at Wesley University (Boston area)

Outdoor weddings and receptions are one of the hottest trends we saw in 2014, and with a little research they don’t have to be expensive. Check local schools and parks, like the Brattle Lawn at Wesley University. They rent the lawn on weekends for a much lower cost that most venues.

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Small intimate Loft Rental (Chicago area)

Having a smaller more intimate reception? Research loft spaces for daily rental. Loft spaces are more easily found in cities, and if you are located close to a larger metro area, this may be the perfect spot!

Yours Truly Wedding Albums


Outdoor country-chic rental  (Muscle Shoals, AL)

Looking for a unique outdoor property or grounds? Check out Craigslist’s Housing section under Vacation Rentals. These properties are usually rental only and by pitching your idea to them, they may just offer you an amazing price! Take a peek at this property in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

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Luxury Estate Rental (Washinton State)

Check out the airbnb website and search for elegant properties like this one found in Washington state. This estate not only allows you to use their grounds but sleeps up to 16 people, so nobody has to go home….and at the price of $850 for the stay, for the whole group. WOW! How can you beat that??

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