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Do a Project That You’ve Been Dreading!

August 5, 2015
Blog- Brave to Do a Project That Youve Been Dreading to Do

People say that “Spring” is when you carve out a time to clean your house, apartment, car, etc. and that’s how the phrase Spring Cleaning started.  I also know that summer is when people want to be more active outdoors. So when do we get around to projects that we’ve been dreading to do?  Winter? Fall?  But yet we always find a reason (or two) not to do them!

In my case, I’ve been dreading to go through my collection of books, and sort out the ones I want to keep and donate the ones I don’t. Believe it or not, I still have some books from college! It won’t be too long before I run out of space!

Blog- Brave to Do a Project That Youve Been Dreading to Do 2

So, to encourage myself to complete this dreaded project, I thought of other avid readers like me who may benefit from the books I’ve stored on my book shelves, that are collecting dust. Rather than accumulate more dust as years go by, I got a sturdy box and started to sift through them. But the problem was, each time I held a book, I ended up putting it in the “Do Not Donate” pile!  Urgh!

Fortunately, I had to make the decision to sort through my books without sentimental attachments. Ok, I must admit, some were harder to let go of than others.

I felt so good when I finished my project over the weekend! That only took about 4 years to do.

My drive to Goodwill was tough…but, I know other avid readers will love the new collection of books I added as donations. 🙂

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