Post-Wedding Checklist

March 26, 2015
Post Wedding Checklist 1

It sure is a good day after the wedding night. You’re allowed a few weeks to stay in cloud nine. But after the honeymoon, there are wedding-related things that still need to be done.

Here are is a post-wedding checklist.

1. Send “Thank You” cards

Taking a time off their busy schedule to attend your wedding is a big deal. Now that you’re married, you need the support of family and friends all the more. Appreciating them is the first step to keep the ties strong.

Post Wedding Checklist 2

2. Organize the wedding gifts 

Not all of the gifts you received on your wedding day are useful to your new married life. Organize the ones you’ll use and those that must be kept in the storage. There might be gifts that need to be taken back to the store so you can get a better fit. There might also be gifts which need other accessories to be purchased for it to be useful. Though it’s a happy moment, the opening of gifts is also a responsibility.

3. Preserve your wedding gown

Your bridal dress probably is the most expensive item you purchased for the wedding. It has to be preserved properly. We wrote down some tips on how to safely store your wedding gown on the previous blog. Read it here: How to Properly Store Your Wedding Gown

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

4. Get a wedding album

Three weeks after the wedding, you should have found your favorite wedding photos. You probably have uploaded them already on your favorite social media. It might have been liked several times by your friends but observe the difference in the quality of the photos. On your first wedding anniversary, the photos will even look worse. Ten years down the road, will Facebook still be around. If it is, will uploading and viewing of photos still be free of charge?

The best way to preserve your priceless wedding memories is through a quality wedding album. Check out for some tips in choosing the best photo album.

5. Figure out what you want to do with all your wedding decor. 

After the big day, you might find 15 glitter-covered Mason jars and 25 vintage suitcases taking over your guest bedroom. Do yourself a favor and find them a new home. You could sell the items to other couples (try eBay, Craigslist, or just post a note about the items you want to unload on Facebook), have a garage sale, work them into your home decor, or donate them. You’ll be so happy once you’ve de-cluttered.

Post Wedding Checklist 3

6. Change your name 

This is very self-explanatory. Marriage is not just ceremonial. It also a legal process which means paperwork and you have to start the earliest you can.

7. Change Tax Status

Time to check off a new married box on your tax forms! Now that the two of you are a legal unit, you need to decide whether you’re going to file together or continue to file separately (joint filing isn’t something mandated by law, though it’s generally recommended). Before deciding, consult your accountant. Do this ASAP!

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